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Gateway Comics is a home for all indie comic book creators trying to breathe life into their ideas and stories. We believe in helping indie creators kickstart their projects as we already have successfully done in the past. We believe in helping other fellow creators promote their comic books, stories, and art by working together to push our stories further and get them in the hands of many for more to see. We are building a place for creators to call home by allowing creators to add a touch of their inspirations and ideas to our home. We want to build this home with you. Come join us with comics like Max Hunter, Prymal Jungle Warrior, Redux by Proxy, Gargoyle Girl, Ultra Vixen, and Star Valkarie to name a few. Ask how you can be a part of this great journey by contacting us today! 

Below you will find a list of the current projects we have successfully funded and where you can purchase them. We have also included a list of artist and writers we have had the privilege of working with.  

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